The Arm’s Closet

This project was an exercise in creating a fantastical, imaginary space within a predetermined, confined space. This is a large sculpture, 6 feet by 3 feet, which hung from the ceiling as a sort of ‘sound chandelier’ and emitted otherworldly sound and light to make you feel like you were in another world, potentially another universe.

Surrounded by large satin red curtains in a small stairwell, it was a portal into another universe in an otherwise bland, dusty stairwell that nobody used. Based around the character from Twin Peaks, “The Arm,” who branches off into other dimensions. I began to wonder what The Arm did in his spare time, and where he went when he wasn’t in the Red Waiting Room of the Black Lodge. Where does the Arm hang his hat? His closet, of course.

Made from distressed wood, metal, speakers, wire, media controllers, LEDs, red Fresnel lenses, heavy satin curtains, and patience.