Welcome to My Brain [detail], 2017 site-specific installation
Speakers, mylar, colored lights, sound

In this exhibit, I chose a room within the MCAD MFA space that was implicitly separated into two rooms, yet connected by a common corridor and ceiling space. Sound and light from one side bled into the other and vice versa.

They were lit differently: one side with reflected blue lights, the other with reflected red lights, blue versus red being a familiar video game trope. The two rooms were also separated by a further constraint: each side of the room is a different hemisphere of the brain illustrated by mylar bars of the iChing.

There were 2 kinds of sounds emanating from each side of the “brain”— the “right” and “red” side used field recordings of clusters of birds in bushes and represents the trigram ‘Gorge’.

The “left” or “blue” side included sounds from NASA of particles bouncing off the magnetosphere. This surprisingly sounded very similar and complimentary to bird sounds and represents the trigram ‘Force’.

Force + Gorge = Argue. ‘Argue your position. don’t act on it. ‘ Converse: Attending: Wait for the right time. attend to what is needed.’